A panelist at the presidential debate post-discussion said that only 1% of Americans can name all nine Supreme Court judges. I shrunk in my seat (…figuratively. Literally I sat up straighter and sort of snorted under my breath, like, “Huh. Yeah. What type of civically disengaged moron can’t name these nine incredibly famous judges? DUH.”), ashamed that I could only think of–well, I don’t even want to tell you how many of the justices I could think of. But I was solidly in the 99%, and I hate being a majority, except in rare cases when the majority is right about something, or when the majority is being rewarded with cookies.

The next day at work, I made myself memorize the nine Supreme Court Justices. They are (and no cheating here, I swear):
-Sotomayor (sp?)
-Bader Ginsburg

It was easy, and now if someone asks I won’t feel stupid, and if something happens in the news involving the Supreme Court I will understand it a little bit more, and if a panelist tries to tell me I’m in the majority I will stand up and shout these nine names and prove her wrong. I am the 1%!

I feel insecure about a lot of areas of knowledge. For instance: I saw “Les Miserables” at our local theater the other night, and I realized I know very little about the French Revolution and the years following it. But knowledge is easy to acquire — there is no reason why I can’t know about everything I want to know about.

So, new resolution: every few days I will think about something I’ve always wanted to understand (whether it’s cultural, like women artists, or geographical, like the layout of Europe [I keep forgetting where Luxembourg goes]), and I will just learn it.

And soon I will be the smartest person in the world and I won’t need love or human kindness, only my robot brethren and their cold, hard data.


One thought on “1%

  1. I’m ashamed at how bad at geography I am. One of the faculty members I work with was really impressed with how little I knew about South American country placement. And Luxembourg? Forget it. I’ll have little bumps in knowledge when I travel (OF COURSE Laos is above Thailand, DUH) and then forget everything three months later.

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