Raw Stuff

Question: would freezing temperatures kill any potential salmonella issues that may be going on in a food item? Because for the last twenty minutes I’ve been sitting here, staring catatonically at the computer screen (baby animals, mostly) and eating hard little balls of frozen cookie dough. I whipped up this batch (though “whipped up” makes it sound as if it were easy, and baking is never easy when I’m involved) a couple days ago for friend’s birthday, baked half for her and froze the rest for later. I felt so mature, doing that, as if the mere act of freezing a dessert would make me forget that it existed.

Well, anyway, it’s done now. I’ve consumed the equivalent of three raw eggs, and it was delicious, and I REGRET NOTHING, so let’s just stop talking about salmonella.

Yawn. I just got back from playing trivia at a bar with some of my coworkers. I was bad. I’m always bad at trivia. I contributed two answers in the entire 60-question game: one about Das Racist (Maine Boyfriend liked ’em. I only like them if I am watching one of their music videos with the volume on mute) and one about the Ziegfield Follies. Sorry coworkers! Sorry also that you saw how a single beer makes my speech slur.

In conclusion, I need to make a sub-resolution to my resolution to write something on here every day: no putting it off until right before bedtime, when the only thing I can think about is sleep, food, and boys. During the day, at least, I also think about books and diseases and the occasional lofty ideal. (Look at all the facets on me!)

I will be back tomorrow with some real writing. It will be so beautiful. Your earth will be shattered. Your life, changed.


3 thoughts on “Raw Stuff

  1. I have probably eaten a greater volume of uncooked cookie dough in my lifetime than actual cookies. I’m not proud of this, mind you.

  2. Trivia is depressing when you win, too. Or so I’ve heard.

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