Went to see “Skyfall” at Hollywood since it was Half Price Tuesday, and biking home through the sub-freezing baby hours of Wednesday I had to admit to myself that this cold had me. Now, instead of going to bed (which would probably be the most beneficial thing of all), I’m employing every single ancient cure I can think of at once and hoping that one of them sticks. Honey and hot lemon water, vinegar gargle, and am waiting for three huge cloves of garlic to finish roasting so I can eat them and be well and have really horrible breath.

Did you know that during the Black Plague there was a monastery in which none of the monks ever got sick, despite the fact they were the ones who tended the ill and buried the bodies? Turns out they grew a bunch of garlic and ate it with everything, and that was how Medical Science discovered that garlic has antibiotic properties.

[I didn’t know if this story was true or not, but I just looked it up on this incredibly reputable looking site and it more or less is! Bonus for you, the reader!]

Black Plague Doctor


2 thoughts on “garlic

  1. When I was a kid, my mom would put a garlic clove in my ear if I had an earache. It probably helped, but I associated the small of garlic with being sick for a long time. Not ideal.

  2. Damn, and the monastery next door was using onions!

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