I changed the name of this blog to reflect my increasingly self-centered world view and to warn readers that I use too many parentheses (lest a hater of parenthetical statements accidentally stumbles upon this page). The old name, Ward Number Six, alluded to a psych ward in a Chekhov story. It was a remnant from a more melodramatic time, a time when I generally felt I was one Celexa away from the loony bin. Time to move on!

I wish I could keep up with blogging. I hate it when people post on their blogs about how they are going to be blogging more, because it’s not like, in most cases, there are readers sitting out there waiting feverishly for new posts from an anonymous blogger in Missouri. Still, my failure to post regularly here feels like a subplot in a larger story of my life, entitled “Writer Fails to Write Anything.” So I should try to blog more. It sounds like a conquerable challenge. 



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