Should I Have Bangs?

Should I have bangs? I often feel like I am one of those faces that would benefit greatly from bangs, i.e. from being half hidden (the pimply part: bonus!), but I’ve never had the courage to do it. There is a 30% chance my looks would be much improved, a 50% chance I would have to wear a hat for a year, and a 20% chance my officemate would peer through the window separating our desks and say, “Did you get new glasses or something?” Tempting, but in the end not worth the risk.

I’ll have to leave looking like Amelie to other women and continue Patti Smithing my way through life — unkempt but constantly struggling towards badassery.


Dream Hair: Adorable French Woman With Whom Men Want to Sleep


Reality Hair: Unintentionally Rock n’ Roll, Requiring Little to No Upkeep, Leaving More Time for General Badassery.


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